My Projects, Tools, Concepts

Web Apps

World Radio Player World Radio Player

A player for Internet radio stations on Firefox OS.


KąVeikiaValdžia KąVeikiaValdžia / PolicyFeed

A website that aggregates Lithuanian bills, government decisions and news, etc. in near-real time.

The integrated Lucene/Solr search engine allows one to filter the big feed by various topics and get alerts by email or RSS.

Built on server-side JavaScript RingoJS platform. Source code in emilis/policyfeed repository on GitHub.

KitWiki KitWiki

A wiki with an integrated WYSIWYG editor (you edit page text directly on page without any forms or administration pages).

Inspired by Zim desktop wiki. Built on PHP.



Good Job Good Job

A way to write complex asynchronous code using Make inspired code structures.

The package is tested with Node.js, but it should also work on other JavaScript platforms.

ObjectFS ObjectFS

A data storage API specification for JavaScript and other scripting languages.

I came up with the idea when having to juggle four different types of databases for KąVeikiaValdž

Humble programming language Humble programming language

This is an unfinished concept. A programming language. Source code is written as bullet-lists and tables on a web page.

I am writing a spec. I wrote a proof-of-concept translator for it in PHP in 2009.

The older version of the language with minimal documentation and implementation:

CTLF logo Gluestick framework / CTLF

A micro-framework for PHP.

Basicly it is just a few functions for loading objects and a directory structure.

I have started it in 2005 and have been using it ever since. It is mature and stable now.

Some very early and unmaintained documentation for it on SourceForge.

Source code in ~emilis-d/+junk/libgluestick branch on Launchpad.

Libraries, Tools and Utilities

QuXmlA -- Quick Xml Analyzer QuXmlA – Quick Xml Analyzer

A script that produces simple stats about tag paths in the given XML files.

Uses SAX parser so very handy for analyzing huge files before parsing.


XWinLogger XWinLogger

A bunch of scripts for Linux that log your currently active window and help you analyze the collected data.

I liked RescueTime, but it didn’t satisfy all my needs so I wrote these scripts. After seeing how much private information there is in the log I will not use any external app for such tasks ever.

Extended Tango palette Extended Tango palette

A palette with 29 extra colours added to Tango Icon Library palette.

I used RGB value graphs to fine-tune the shades.


Apache Solr with Lithuanian language support Apache Solr with Lithuanian language support

A pre-packaged Solr version with Lithuanian language support from zmedelis/ltlangpack.

I built the package, updated for new versions and added some quick documentation.