Notes from discussion on "Usefulness of inventing programming languages"


Yesterday I submitted a link to my previous post to HackerNews and someone was kind enough to submit it to Reddit's /r/programming and other developer forums all over the web.

I was happy to see the interest of the hacker/programmer community in Humble. Many people found it interesting or inspiring. I also received some well articulated criticism, suggestions and links.

I don't know how much time I will be able to spend improving Humble (if any). So, for future reference, I want to document some of the links and notes that people provided in comments on this blog, HN, Reddit and elsewhere.

Programming languages/environments:

[Outline] editors:


Links to full discussions:


Thanks to everyone for your comments!

P.S. IntenseDebate disabled comments on my previous post. Probably due to traffic. The comments are not lost and I hope IntenseDebate will restore them in the future.